Dark-Hunter® Reading List

Entire Dark-Hunters®/Hunter Legends Series

Original Publication Date: October 12, 1984

For those who are fanatical about reading the Dark-Hunter series in the the CORRECT reading order of publication from the first story that includes all the short stories, along with the novels. this is the official list. No, it hasn’t changed. This is the order they were published in. This is Sherri’s real list. This includes all the stories that are currently widely available and their current titles. The reason why the list has appeared to “change” at times in the past is that in the course of the last thirty-plus years while the Dark-Hunter stories have been in print, some of the short stories have been published in a large number of anthologies and the titles of those anthologies have changed as the anthologies have gone in and out of print, and changed format. To try and keep up with the whims of the publishers, we’ve updated the titles and cover art. Likewise, as some of the short stories and anthologies have become unavailable, they’ve been removed from the list to keep from frustrating readers who are unable to find them. Please remember that the Hunter sagas have been in print since 1984 and have been published in hundreds of formats. So we keep this list current and updated constantly for all loyal Dark-Hunter readers.

This list includes the currently available short stories, as well as the full novels. For those who only want the novels, they are also listed on the site in their correct reading order and appear with the reading number beside the title so that you can follow them to make it easy to see which is next. And separate lists are available for those who have special interests in each of the Hunter Legends subgroups such as Lords of Avalon, Were-Hunters, Hellchasers, etc. And this is the all-inclusive list.


1. The Beginning (also published in: Acheron, Styxx, Sins of the Night and a number of other books/anthologies)
2. Where Angels Fear to Tread (published in: Dark Bites and as a separate comic)
3. Julian of Macedon
4. Night Pleasures
5. Dragonswan (published in: In Other Worlds)
6. Night Embrace
7. Phantom Lover (published in: Dark Bites)
8. Dark-Hunter Christmas (published in: Dark Bites)
9. Dance With The Devil
10. Kiss of the Night
11. Sword of Darkness
12. Knight of Darkness
The Wager
13. Night Play
14. Winter Born (published in: Dark Bites)
15. Seize the Night
16. Sins of the Night
17. A Hard Day’s Night Searcher (published in: Dark Bites)
18. Unleash the Night
19. Dark Side of the Moon
20. Until Death We Do Part (published in: Dark Bites)
21. Dream-Hunter
22. Fear the Darkness (published in: Dark Bites)
23. Devil May Cry
24. Upon the Midnight Clear
25. Shadow of the Moon (published in: Dark Bites)
26. Dream Chaser
27. Acheron
28. One Silent Night
29. Dream Warrior
30. Bad Moon Rising
31. No Mercy
32. Retribution
33. The Guardian
34. Time Untime
35. Styxx
36. Dark Bites
37. House of the Rising Son (published in: Dark Bites)
38. Son of No One
39. Dragonbane
40. Dragonmark
41. Dragonsworn
42. Stygian

More to come . . .