Shadow Fey

Miscreants of Evil

We’re not the damned, folks, we’re the categorically screwed.

Inhabitants of the Shadowlands behind the Veil, the Sharocs often find their way into our world to wreak all manner of havoc. They’ve been responsible for a plethora of evil throughout history and they keep Thorn and his hellchasers busy, as well as provide an endless amount of frustration for the Lords of Avalon. They are formless shapeshifters who can mimic anyone or anything. You never know where they may be lurking . . .

Their mortal enemies, however, are the Mirens. A race of Fey enchantresses who have voices so beautiful that they kill whoever hears them sing. Should you ever come face to face with a Miren, don’t despair. Just remember that they are extremely vain creatures. And you can always defeat them by pulling out a mirror. They will become so fascinated with their reflection that they will forget all about everything else. It’s why it’s bad luck to break a mirror and why you should always place one near your door. You never know when you’ll need it to repel such evil from your home.