At Death’s Door

Deadman’s Cross™, Hellchasers™, Sea Wolves™

Original Publication Date: May 15, 2019

Born the beautiful daughter of a poor cobbler, Valynda Moore learned early in life that beauty was its own form of a curse in a world ruled by ruthless men who would use any means to take what they wanted. And the stakes were never higher than the night when one man went so far as to steal her very soul and condemn her to live eternity in the body of a living straw doll.

Now she has one chance to be human again. To have her soul restored to a flesh-and-blood body. But only if she betrays everyone she holds dear, and breaks every vow she’s made.

To her, the choice is simple. She’d never hurt her friends. Besides, what use does she have for a human body? Until her enemies use the one lure that even she cannot resist. Now, like Eve in the Garden of Eden, Valynda has a choice. She can be selfless and alone in her cold, doll’s body for eternity. Or she can pluck the one piece of fruit she’s always longed to taste and become human in the process. But there’s just one small catch. Not only will her friends pay the price for her humanity, she will damn all of humanity in her place.







Ghede Nibo

The hero

A creature of extreme beauty, many who see him mistake him for an angel. Yet there is nothing angelic about the lwa of the dead who can be lethal when crossed. Indeed, his temper is legendary, as are his skills with a sword. And he is particularly well known for protecting women and children. Because of his own violent death, Nibo has a soft spot for others who suffer a similar fate and he has a profound sense of justice. A creature of great...
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The heroine

There is something highly unusual about Valynda, even more so than the others. But we have learned to give her a wide berth and treat her with the utmost courtesy. After all, her powers are great and we don't want to die . . . Again.
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