At Death’s Door

Deadman’s Cross™, Hellchasers™, Sea Wolves™

Original Publication Date: September 10, 2019

Cursed and betrayed, Valynda Moore died as the result of a Voodoo spell gone wrong– one that left her trapped in the form of a living Voodoo doll. Until the Hellchaser leader, Thorn, offers her a chance at redemption and a new life that could return her to a human body.

But bargains have never turned out well for Valynda. The only thing she can depend on is betrayal and backbiting politics, especially now that the Malachai, the darkest of evil that she and the crew of Deadmen have sworn to defeat, has risen. And this time the king of all demons will not be defeated, and he, too has the one thing Valynda wants most. Against her will, she is pulled into a most dangerous game where she has to choose between her worst enemy and her best friends. Winner takes the world, and her immortal soul . . .

It’s a demon-eat-demon world where the stakes have never been higher—will the Deadmen succeed or will Valynda be the one who finally sinks them all and takes the world with her?







Ghede Nibo

The hero

A creature of extreme beauty, many who see him mistake him for an angel. Yet there is nothing angelic about the lwa of the dead who can be lethal when crossed. Indeed, his temper is legendary, as are his skills with a sword. And he is particularly well known for protecting women and children. Because of his own violent death, Nibo has a soft spot for others who suffer a similar fate and he has a profound sense of justice. A creature of great...
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The heroine

There is something highly unusual about Valynda, even more so than the others. But we have learned to give her a wide berth and treat her with the utmost courtesy. After all, her powers are great and we don't want to die . . . Again.
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Other Languanges

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