For Readers

Welcome readers! You know how important all of you are to me. I can never say thank you enough for all the support, laughter and good times you’ve shown me over the years.

Basically, this entire site is for you :) However, this page holds reading guides for those of you in reading groups. Or if you’d like to download a guide just for your own amusement. We’ll also add in other fun treats from time-to-time, like the New Orleans tour.

Again, thanks so much! You guys are the best!

A few fun links:

A fun freebie for those who are interested. We have a 2016 downloadable calendar with the dates marked for when Sherri’s books are out. You can print it out on regular paper, but it works best on photo paper or thicker laser paper.



  • The Date

    A free short story as a thank you to fans!

  • Free Valentine’s Day Card

    Free Fang & Aimee Valentine’s Day card that you can download and print on your home PC to give out to your special someone! Thank you to the Dabel Brothers for their kindness in providing it to us!

  • Aimee Peltier Family Tree

    See the Aimee Peltier family tree. Please note, it might have spoilers if you haven’t read No Mercy or Bad Moon Rising.

  • Tavali Primer

    This is a link to a Tavali primer to teach a basic understanding of Tavali culture:

  • St. Hestia’s Speech

    A link to the excerpt of St. Hestia’s speech that she gives to reunite the Tavali Nation after The League had split it apart and war had ravaged the four Tavali clans for over 150 years. The full speech will be posted in Born of Betrayal, out in November 2015.

  • Adron Character Sheet

    The Character Sheet for Adron Quiakides (League Series). Please note, if you haven’t read Fire & Ice, there are spoilers in it.

  • Kyrian’s Character Sheet

    The Character Sheet for Kyrian of Thrace that Sherri created for the Hollywood screenwriters. Please note that there may be SPOILERS in the content for those who haven’t read the CON and DH series.

  • Dark-Hunter Handbook

    This is the forward that was posted on the original Dark-Hunter website. Read the letter that Acheron wrote for all new Dark-Hunters.

  • Atlantean Pantheon Family Tree

    This is a list of the Atlantean gods that Sherrilyn Kenyon created and uses in her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter series. More profiles for the individual gods can be found under the character section of this site. Please remember that Apostolos is Acheron.

  • Letter To A Bully

    This is the excerpt from Inferno where Brynna begins the Anti-Bully Brigade with a letter to a bully. Since so many have asked about getting a copy to share with others, we’ve provided it here, along with a personal message from Sherri.