For Students

Ah man, they stuck you with another project, huh? Dude, I’m so sorry. Why can’t they understand that life is short, and there’s much more fun to be had than doing homework at home?

I hear ya- distractions beckon me, too, and I’m often found staring at the Squirrel of Mass Distraction :) Which is why I’ve set this page up for you, because if you’re like I was as a student, the project is probably due tomorrow, and it’s probably close to midnight wherever you are? Right?

Remember to check the printer cartridge before you print to make sure it won’t run out on you, or if you’re saving to a flash drive, don’t leave it in the computer tomorrow morning. Or if you’re like my son and get to school and it’s not in the backpack where you remember putting it, please check all of your pockets. I can personally tell you that Mom won’t be amused after she searches your room and desk for an hour and then has to find another flash drive (’cause your siblings go through them like gum) to download the paper onto it, and then drives it to school, only to have you tell her you had in your jeans the whole time. Yeah… Please email a copy to the teacher tonight, just in case.

All that being said, to make it easy on you (especially if you do procrastinate like me), here are the most popular questions students ask about my books and writing, and this should cover almost all assignments. There’s also a PDF you can download that has them too so that if you’re having to share the computer, you can have the answers even if you have to get offline to finish.

Hopefully everything you need is found here. If not, please email my assistant and she should be able to help you. Good luck with the paper or project. I hope you get an A+.

  • New Orleans Tour

    Take a tour of New Orleans and some of the prominent locations that appear over and over again in the Dark-Hunter and Chronicles of Nick series. For those of you visiting the city, please feel free to print it out and take it with you.

  • Atlantean Pantheon Family Tree

    This is a list of the Atlantean gods that Sherrilyn Kenyon created and uses in her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter/Dream-Hunter series. More profiles for the individual gods can be found under the character section of this site. Please remember that Apostolos is Acheron.

  • Letter To A Bully

    This is the excerpt from Inferno where Brynna begins the Anti-Bully Brigade with a letter to a bully. Since so many have asked about getting a copy to share with others, we’ve provided it here, along with a personal message from Sherri.

  • Student Project Q&A

    These are the most common questions that are given to students to be asked of an author. Sherrilyn has already answered them and put them in an easy to print PDF file.