Shadow Wars

Shadow Saga™

Original Publication Date: September 30, 2025

Introducing a brand new series from Sherri in conjunction with her son & daughter!

A boy with a destiny he doesn’t understand.




Ryuichi must learn to master powers he barely understands that he inherited from his mother and protect the gates that she guarded to the other worlds or kami, yôkai and demons who are bent on making mankind suffer will flood the human realm.

No one can be trusted. Not even his own guardian . . . and here he thought puberty was the worst thing to threaten his sanity.

If he’s to survive, he has to figure out who his real allies are, and who wants him dead. He will have to become the Demon Shinobi and learn that sometimes things have to go wrong in order to go right. That in order to overcome evil, sometimes you have to bend the rules and be more than you ever thought you could be and believe in people others tell you not to trust.

Hinako Hishinuma:


A Japanese native, Hinako Hishinuma spent her college years volunteering to help underprivileged children in the Philippines, and working to improve farming with non chemical fertilizers in Indonesia. She studied Kendo for sixteen years, and participated in national tournaments where she became the #2 champion for all of Japan. A licensed teacher in Japan for middle and high school students, she loves reading, origami and calligraphy. With a degree in Applied Biological Sciences, she currently lives in the US with her husband and son, and a hound dog that doubles as her son’s horse.


Madaug Hishinuma Bio:

Intense gamer, former teacher (and resident of Japan where he taught middle-schoolers) and current mastermind of all around mayhem, Madaug Hishinuma first started writing in grade school . . . on his mother’s walls. Deciding that near death experiences weren’t exactly his thing, he traded his crayons for a computer, and once he broke away from his severe gaming addiction, realized that his keyboard could also be used to create his own worlds. He’s been doing that ever since. With a degree in Japanese History where he specialized in the Sengoku period, he is the author of his own intergalactic comic, Space Sovereign, and the bestseller, Sherrilyn’s Worlds. He’s currently at work finishing his next novel.



The hero

The son of a shadow dragon and the keeper of the realms, Ryuichi was hidden in the human world to keep him from becoming a tool for evil. Now, he must reclaim his birthright, or the entire world will burn . . .
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Takara Hattori

The heroine

The daughter of the demon Hattori, Takara has been trained for war her entire life. But the war that she thinks she needs training for is nothing like the one that is currently brewing and it will take everything she's learned from her father and brothers to survive the dangers that are coming for her.
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