Madaug Hishinuma


For this I left my gaming console?

Intense gamer, former Japanese teacher (and resident of Japan) and current mastermind of all around mayhem, Madaug Hishinuma first started writing in grade school . . . on his mother’s walls. Deciding that near death experiences weren’t exactly his thing, he traded his crayons for a computer, and once he broke away from his severe gaming addiction, realized that his keyboard could also be used to create his own worlds.

He’s been doing that ever since.

With a degree in Japanese History where he specialized in the Sengoku period, he is the bestselling author of Sherrilyn’s Worlds, the Shadow Wars series, Thomas Drake, and his own intergalactic comic, Space Sovereign.

He currently lives in Georgia with his wife, son and dog that doubles as a pony.

Look for me in...

Shadow Wars