Did you know..?

Sherrilyn has had multiple #1 bestsellers in all genres!

Sherrilyn’s Kickstarter campaign was the highest earning fiction campaign for a female author in all of Kickstarter’s history (she’s the second highest earning author in fiction in their history).

All of her new releases since 2003 have been New York Times bestsellers.

Sherrilyn is a direct descendant of Williams Shakespeare? AND William the Conqueror? Her 33rd great-grandfather is Rollo, Duke of Normandy, making William her 27th great-grandfather.

Thousands of fans sport tattoos of symbols and images from Sherrilyn’s works.

Hundreds of her fans have had her sign their bodies and then return with her autograph tattooed over a series symbol.

Fans drive an average of 4.2 hours to attend one of her signings, and arrive as soon as the store opens, even though most signings don’t begin until the evening.

Sherrilyn will not leave a signing until she’s had a chance to meet every fan and sign whatever they’ve brought. She’s been known to sign books for fans (after the store closed) in parking lots and on sidewalks.

Kenyon’s Acheron spent 10 months on bestseller lists, including 5 months prior to release, where it listed based on preorders alone.

Her website has more than 100 MILLION hits per year.

When the new MySherrilyn.com site was launched on 7/14/11, her eager fans crashed it in less than 30 seconds (her site was and is hosted on a high capacity, dedicated server).

At Comic Con San Diego, Sherrilyn was so swamped by fans that Marines were sent in to move her out of her booth to the celebrity autographing area.

Sherrilyn has over 80 million books in print in over 100 countries.

Her Paladins come from all walks of life. Her readers include men and women. Her oldest fan to come to a signing was 102 and the youngest was a 2 week old infant named for her characters (unless you count the women who have come to signings while in labor).

Fans routinely fly in or drive from other countries to attend Sherrilyn’s events.

Fans (male and female) routinely come to her signings dressed as characters from her series.

One fan paid over $2000 in a charity auction to have an appearance in Acheron. Another fan paid even more in the same auction just to be mentioned in the dedication.

Coming from all over the world, over 1600 people attended the launch for Acheron in Nashville, TN on the Tuesday night it was first released. Her signing lasted for almost 10 hours.

Over 2200 fans attended the launch for Styxx in Atlanta, GA. Her signing lasted until dawn.

Sherrilyn was once kidnapped by overeager fans who were desperate for details about her series.

Sherrilyn has hit the top of the New York Times list in the following categories: Hardcover, Trade, Mass Market, Manga, Graphic Novels, Young Adult Hardcover and Young Adult Trade.

Fans from all over the world have paid her the ultimate honor of naming their children after characters from her series.

Sherrilyn was the first author to make a truly interactive web site for her fans that featured blogs by the characters, character interviews, profiles and chats.

Fans routinely skip school and work so that they can read her latest release the day it comes out.

Sherrilyn attended the University of Georgia in Athens.

Sherrilyn attended Georgia State University.

Sherrilyn was a member of the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority in college.

Sherrilyn attended Georgia College and received an alumni award from them.

Sherrilyn attended Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Sherrilyn taught at Mississippi College for Women in Columbus, Mississippi.

Sherrilyn graduated from North Clayton High School in Riverdale, Georgia.

Sherrilyn was a Brownie.

Sherrilyn is a member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution).

Sherrilyn has lived in Richmond, Virginia, Milledgeville, Georgia, New Orleans, Nashville, Peachtree City, Georgia, Franklin, Tennessee, Spring Hill, Tennessee, Jackson, Mississippi, Starkville, Mississippi, Columbus, Mississippi and Columbus, Georgia.