Some people are like slinkys…they’re really good for nothing…but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.


Nick’s career felon father and the elder Malachai. Cruel and vicious, Adarian takes nothing from no one and will kill anyone who gets in his way- this includes Noir and Azura. But there’s a deep secret he keeps, and it’s one he wants to pass on to Nick– provided they both live long enough.

He is currently serving three life sentences in Angola for killing demons who attacked him while he was robbing a bank. His defense of “he was a demon, Your Honor. A crap load of them were trying to kill me and if I hadn’t killed them, they’d have killed me where I stood, then taken over the city and enslaved all you petty and pathetic humans” didn’t set well with the judge. And they refused to allow an insanity plea since his whole defense was based on: I am not insane. You pathetic humans have to understand that demons need killing.