Shadow Fallen

Dark-Hunter®, Hellchasers™

Original Publication Date: June 15, 2021

Setting: Medieval England

For centuries, Ariel has fought the forces of evil as a Hellchaser. Her job was to protect the souls of the innocent and to make sure they get where they’re going before they could be stolen and used by those who would destroy them.

But when she runs afoul a bitter sorceress, she’s cursed into the body of a human who has no memory of her real life or calling.

Valteri was cursed the moment he was born with a “demonic deformity” that has ostracized him from everyone, and wants nothing of this earth except to depart it, sooner rather than later. The only thing he believes in is what he’s been shown: is cruelty, and the strength of his sword arm that finally stopped the mockery and shame. But when a strange noblewoman is found and brought before him, he knows there’s something more to her than the obvious. Especially when others come for her and bring with them preternatural predators that drag him into a destiny he had no idea was waiting. One he wants no part of, For he isn’t just a knight of William the Conqueror. He is the son of one of the deadliest powers and if he doesn’t restore Ariel to her place, more than just the Hellchaser will be destroyed. The world itself hangs in the balance, and he is the necessary key to hold back that evil. But only if he can find a way to work with the woman who stands for everything in the universe he hates.





The hero

  One of King William's most trusted knights, Valterius the Godless was abandoned by his family over what they believe is the mark of the devil-- mismatched eyes. Through the strength of his will, he crawled out of the streets and rose to be the king's right hand.
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The heroine

  Cast to the mortal realm by an evil sorceress, Ariel has more than her share of problems. She was trapped as a human, tormented by human emotions and doomed to loose anyone she cared for.
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