Might should never make right.

The story of Arthur is one every boy and girl learns early in their life… or is it? There has always been an air of mystery that surrounded the once and future king. But as with all great kings, only part of his life was ever revealed and through the centuries the truth became obscured by those who sought to add their own spin on what really happened.

Guinevere, Lancelot, Mordred… all that you think you know about Arthur may be false. Products of troubadours who sought to sing tales for their dinner. Not bothered with the burden of truth, many twisted the truth to suit their needs.

One thing that is known for certain, Mordred was not his son, but his nephew. He and Guinevere did in fact have legitimate children. Three sons and one daughter.

And what became of this legendary king after the battle of Camlann? He was returned to Avalon, but after that…

His final destiny was never recorded– some say because his final destiny has yet to be written…