Darkness Within

Lords of Avalon®

Original Publication Date: January 01, 6016

Setting: Modern New Orleans, Camelot, Hel

King Arthur has been dead for hundreds of years, but the war for Camelot continues.

Welcome to Hel…

Kaziel isn’t just another run-of-the-mill Hell Hound; He’s the leader of the pack. When his sister is kidnapped by Morgen le Fey and her Circle, he has no choice but to bow to Morgen’s wishes and steal one of the sacred objects the Arthur once used to rule the moral realm of Britain.

In 21st century New Orleans, Avery MacArthur is the merlin for the object he seeks. Fully aware of its power, she would give her life to keep it from falling into the hands of someone like Morgen.

When Avery and Kaziel collide, more than their lives are at stake- the very fate of three realms hang in the balance.


So what happened to this novel that was excerpted back in 2005 and why has it taken so long to come out?

Kaziel and the Lords and Circle are back, just as I intended them to be, along with Shadow and the fey realm. They will continue on just as I started them back in 2003.  So hold tight. The realm of Arthur is beckoning . . .

The series picks back up with Son of No one in the Dark-Hunters.






The hero

Kaziel is one of the dreaded Hel Hounds who thrive on fighting and bloodshed. One of the fiercest and deadliest of his brethren, he's managed to keep his people out of Morgen's clutches, but when his sister gets caught in the middle of a territorial feud, he's dragged into it as well. Forced to bargain with Morgen, he is willing to do anything to keep his sister safe, even kill for it. But when an antiquities dealer enters the picture,...
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The heroine

The merlin for Excalibur Avery is fully aware of its power. She would give her life to keep it out of the hands of Morgen and her minions. But Avery also carries a dark secret that only a small handful of people know... One that will change their world forever.
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