Sword Issue #2

Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Sword of Darkness® Marvel Comic

Original Publication Date: May 01, 2007

Setting: Medieval England, Camelot

A pawn in the war between light and dark, Seren seeks her freedom and refuses to be used. As Kerrigan and Morgen le Fey fight over her possession, her only hope lies in Kerrigan’s humanity–that is if he has any left in his demon’s heart. The battle for the world continues to rage in issue 2 of Sword of Darkness.




The hero

Darker than sin, Kerrigan was born the unnamed son of prostitute. He spent the whole of his childhood neglected and hungry. As a youth, he survived by thievery and lies until the fateful day when he was chased into a haunted wood. There his presence was brought to the attention of Morgen le Fey who brought him to Camelot and then crowned him Pendragon. Now he serves no one but himself. Cold and merciless, his only goal is to rule the...
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The heroine

  An unassuming peasant, Seren dreams of becoming her own woman. All she wants is to leave behind her drudgery and penury. But she never expects that running from her fate will put her on the path of her destiny.
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