A conclusion is the part where you got tired of thinking.

Unhappy with her portrayal in the Arthurian legends, Elaine would personally like to murder Tom. She wants it on the record that at no time has she ever lusted after Lancelot or even thought he was cute. Personally, she thinks he’s an arrogant PITA. And she wants it known that she is NOT the mother of Galahad– that was Elaine of Corbenic. “There is no way I would or could spawn that… and he is a spawn. Trust me. I know.”

Swift and skilled, Elaine prefers the bow to the sword, but she is accomplished in both. Sister to Guinevere, she was in love with Arthur who only had eyes for Guin. Now her heart is broken over what befell the king and queen, and she, like the others, guards Avalon and protects Draig, awaiting the time when her nephew will reawaken and kick Mordred’s butt.

In the meantime, she makes it a habit of irritating the Circle as much as is humanly (and supernaturally) possible.