Greek goddess

I’m not saying I’m psychic, but I’m positive I will have no interest in what you’re about to say.

The goddess Britain was named for, she was a cousin of Artemis. As girls, they played together on Olympus. When they were teens, Britomartis was the one who gave Artemis her famous diktyon nets that no one can escape from. As a thank-you for her gift, Artemis gave Britomartis an enchanted mirror that had once belonged to Apollo. That mirror could show events of the past, present, and future. But most of all, it showed Britomartis the true heart of those around her.

One day as she was gazing in that same mirror, she saw the face a Welsh prince and demigod named Arthegall ap Tyr,   while he was jousting against another knight. It was love at first sight. Determined to claim her knight, she left her Greek pantheon for his and never looked back. After the birth of their son and daughter, both she and Arthegall gave up their godhoods so that they could live out their lives in peace with their children.

But the gods and Fates are ever cruel. And all too soon, Arthegall was killed during the battle. When Britomaris heard the news, her heart shattered, instantly killing her. After her death, the fey placed her soul in fey stone to protect and guard it. Then to further honor the two eternal lovers and to ensure that they’d never again be parted, the fey take the immortal sword of Arthegall and meld with the sword they’d created for Brit’s stone to forge Caliburn.

To this day, Britomaris’s soul is imbued within the metal and she vows to protect whoever wields her husband’s sword and to keep him from all harm. Forever. So long as the merlin holds Caliburn, even its sheath, he or she will not fall in battle.

And after Britomartis’s death, the enchanted mirror passed into the hands of her granddaughter (the child of her son, Landrey). . .