The Fates

Greek and Atlantean Fates

Read your horoscope all you want. In the end it's up to us.

The Moirae are the three sisters who decide human fate. Lachesis sings of the things that were, Clotho those that are, and Atropos (or Atropus) the things that are to be. Of the three, Atropos is the smallest in stature, but the most terrible and feared.

The smallest and oldest, Atropos (Atty) is the most feared and the meanest. She’s the one who determines when someone dies… even the gods. Clotho (Cloie) the the spinner of our lives. She’s the one who decides how they unfold as they unfold. Lachesis (Lacy) then measures the life. Known as the Apportioner, she will hold the thread of life out to Atty who then snips is when she’s ready for it to end.

There is a hot debate on who is more powerful. The Fates or Zeus. It’s been argued that he tells them when to end a life and they merely serve his whims.

But since we know someone else is Final Fate (because of what the Fates predicted for said person), Final Fate is indeed the more powerful of the group.