Chronicles of Nick®, Shadows of Fire™

Original Publication Date: December 31, 2024

For over two decades, Sherrilyn Kenyon fans have been begging to know more about Acheron’s demon. Simi has always been the absolute fan favorite, since the day she first flounced onto pages and won reader’s hearts.

Now those dedicated fans will learn the truth …

Life as a demon is never an easy one. Orphaned as a child, Simi was left to find her own way in the world of humans. Bound to the Atlantean god who caused the death of her mother, she’s spent her life trying to make sense of a world that baffles her.

But as the gods vie for a power that leaves demons, Dark-Hunters and humans struggling to take sides, Simi can no longer rely on the god, Acheron, for protection. She must find her own way. Not just for herself, but to save the lives of her family and friends.

Only one entity holds the secret she needs to save Acheron’s life. But the price it demands is steep, and it will leave her at the mercy of a creature known for cruelty. Her choice should be easy. Save Acheron at all costs. Yet some prices are too high and by saving Acheron, she just might destroy everything.