Live life or die trying.

Fury was born to two parents who hated each other. One Arcadian, the other Katagaria. His Arcadian mother raised him, believing he would be her precious Aristos son– he was to be her furious revenge against the Kattagaria who had brutalized her and her clan. Instead, when Fury hit puberty and gained his Were-Hunter powers, he turned from Arcadian to Katagaria–something he tried his best to keep hidden. But when the one person he trusted, his girlfriend, found out, she told his family. Enraged, they banded together to kill him.

But Fury is always a survivor. Lethal, unpredictable and feral. Leaving England, he found his father’s people where he was even more cautious, refusing to tell anyone of his parentage. But once his brothers Fang and Vane learned of his birth, they adopted him. Now he rules the very patria is father once claimed. But leadership comes at a price and it comes with lethal enemies who will stop at nothing to kill him.

That war has now come to his doorstep and threatens not only his people, but those at Sanctuary as well. The only way for Fury to save his people is to trust the same woman who’s already betrayed him.

The Kattalakis Litter Is: