A TV can insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in like a computer.

Older than time itself, I am the thing Acheron is afraid to tell you about. I am the nightmare. The legend. But you already know that, don’t you, Ash? And you know that you can’t protect them from me.

But then that’s the good part in all this. For I am evil and I enjoy every minute of it. Forget your compassion and your mercy. It’s for wimps. Strap on the Depends, boys, because you’re about to wet your pants.

Take a good look at this face, Dark-Hunter. It’s the last one you’re ever going to see.

The Dawn of the Daimons is upon us. We’re coming for you Ash, and all of your little boys and girls.

Let the games begin…



The first Apollite to be born cursed, Urian grew up without seeing daylight. For centuries, he served his father, Stryker faithfully. Until the day when he fell in love with a woman he was sent to kill.

Because of that love, Stryker took Urian’s life and then Phoebe’s. It’s an act Urian can’t forgive. And while he’s grateful Acheron saved his life, he’s still bitter over it, too. He also finds it hard to work with the Dark-Hunters given that they slaughtered his eight brothers (including his fraternal twin).

In birth order, his brothers were:

Archimedes b. 9532
Theodorus b. 9531
Alkimos & Telamon (Identical Twins) b. 9530
Ophion b. 9528
Paris (his twin) b. 9527
Patroclus & Atreus (Identical Twins) 9524
Tannis (sister) b. 9525

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July 03, 2013

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