I don't do labels

Laugh it up, @#$#@, but she who laughs last, last longest and I intend to belly-roll tonight.

The twin sister of Amanda, Tabby is something else. The only question is what? She walks to her own beat and takes nothing from anyone. She is the baddest human who stalks the night. Her powers include: Intuition, psychometry and empathy which Acheron taught her to dampen for her own sanity. However, it can still be overwhelming for her. She lashes out in anger when that happens. She is also a Daimon magnet because of her powers which is what led her to becoming a slayer. Talon is the one who saved her from her first Daimon attack when she was 13, walking home from the library.

She was an anthropology major in college and has her M.A. in Ancient Civilizations. Her specialty was Rome.

The Deveraux sisters (listed in birth order):

Esmeralda (Essie)
Yasmina (Mina)
Petra (Pet)
Ekaterina (Trina)
Tiyana (Tia)
Selena (Lanie)
Tabitha (Tabby)

From Tabitha's Blog

August 14, 2009

Sleepless in New Orleans.

  Ugh! Will the baby ever sleep through the night? I swear I'm going to kill my twin if she laughs at me one more time and tells me it's what I deserve. Someone really needs to come up with baby tranqs. Simi...

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