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Original Publication Date: July 20, 2022

Yes, it’s true. Amber Entertainment is working on developing the Chronicles of Nick, starting with Infinity, into a major motion picture franchise. We don’t have a lot of details at present, but please keep your eyes pealed to the IMDB site and here for the latest info. As soon as we have news to share, we will gladly announce it to all. They are steadily moving forward toward filming!

**Please note the date is not set in stone, it’s merely a placeholder as we must have something there in order for the page to show on the website.


Nick (CON)

The hero

My name is Nick Gautier and this is the story of my life. First off, get the name right. It's pronounced Go-shay not Go-tee-ay or Goat-chay (that has an extra H in it and as my mom says we're so poor we couldn't afford the extra letter). I'm not some fancy French fashion designer. I'm just a regular kid... well as regular as someone with a stripper for a mother and a career felon for a father can be. But as my mom so often says friends are...
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