Bar & Grill

Come In Peace, Or Leave In Pieces.

In the heart of the Vieux Carre, Sanctuary is the place to come and see some of the hottest bands and men on the planet. We cater to the rowdy and the wild at heart.

Our rules are simple and are stated on a marquee as you enter: Come In Peace, Or Leave In Pieces. Your attitude is welcome, but check any and all weapons at the door.  This is the place to come and  hang out, be seen, and just drink and eat in peace. Our policy is to Do No Harm and No Spill Blood. Anyone who has trouble with this will get a first class ticket out the door by our owner who is fondly known as Papa Bear.

Papa Bear doesn’t play.

We have only one dress code. No bare feet (Harley boots preferred). Leather clothes will get you served faster and better, but we welcome the tamer crowd, too. BTW, if you’re really cute, you get served fastest of all.

We have pool tables, video machines and pinball, and poker tournaments three nights a week. Our menu is varied, but specializes in Cajun and carnivorous specialties (special menus available upon request). All meats are served fresh from the kill that morning with a loving smile.

At night we really let our hair down and host a variety of local and regional bands and music, but our specialty is Heavy Metal and we are home to New Orleans’ own: The Howlers.

On the third Saturday of the month, we hold a special “Wrestle the Bear” night. If you beat the bear, you eat for free. Of course no one’s ever eaten for free, but you might be the first. It’s $40.00 to wrestle the bear and everyone who wrestles gets a free t-shirt for effort or you can purchase your own “I fought the bear” shirt. Incidentally, you must be over 21 and willing to sign a waiver before you get a shot at the bear.

688 Ursulines Avenue
New Orleans, LA  70116
(504) 555-1635
Founded 1802 by the Peltiers