Chronicles of Nick®, Shadows of Fire™

Original Publication Date: June 25, 2024

From the moment he was born a god of light and darkness, Xevikan Daraxerxes was rejected by those who should have embraced him. A child of both realms, he was embraced by none. His is a lonely path that he’s walked for centuries as he’s done his best to avoid the divine politics of his parents.

But one can only stay neutral for so long. Now, Xev must face his past and learn from his mistakes. The world is in turmoil and his best friend and brother are facing enemies at every turn. 

The evil he rejected is on the brink of destroying everything he knows and everyone he cares about. Either Xev embraces the savage inside himself that he’s spent centuries caging or he’ll be the last god ruling over a vacant, hallowed out world.



The hero

Xev is not what he seems and is a most complicated being. He refuses to speak about the past or to alleviate anyone's suspicions about himself. He expects the world to draw their own incorrect conclusions, whatever they may be. The one thing he believes in most is paying back what's owed, whether that's good or evil. So be careful how you treat him. He's all about the balance sheet and he is definitely keeping score.
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The heroine

The leader of the Sephorii, Myone was the epitome of a loyal and true soldier. Until the day she met an enemy she couldn't resist. Her illicit affair with Xev cost her everything, but gave her the greatest gift of her life ... her son, Jared.
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