Were-Hunter Arcadian Bear

Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you.

Mama’s only daughter, she’s the bookkeeper, waitress, and takes care of permits and bribes. BTW, anyone who looks at Aimee gets a meeting with her brothers and father in the back room where would-be suitors go in, but they don’t come out. She is the darling of the Peltier clan and the future of their seat on the Omegrion. Something they all take very seriously.

But for all her fun qualities, Aimee harbors a dark secret. One   she’s afraid to breathe a word. One she fears might end her very life.

The Peltiers Are:

Papa Bear (Aubert)
Mama Lo (Nicolette)

Listed in birth order:

Cherif (Identical Quad/eldest)
Dev (Identical Quad)
Remi (Identical Quad)
Quinn (Identical Quad/youngest)
Griffe (Serre’s identical twin)
Serre (Griffe’s identical twin)
Cody (Kyle’s fraternal twin)
Kyle (Cody’s fraternal twin)

From Aimee's Blog

August 27, 2009

Testosterone poisoning…

Someone shoot me! We need more females at Sanctuary. I swear men have PMS too. They have to. Today has been round after round of keep Remi from killing Dev. Keep Dev from killing Etienne. Keep Fang from Fury. Keep... well you get...

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