Death is only the beginning. Trust me.


Like Ash, Jared finds it easiest to move around the Goth community which is a lot more accepting of his unique characteristics, habits and needs. He’s extremely powerful and mysterious. It’s said that he can seduce a woman with a single glance and that he has the ability to control anyone near him. Part of that comes from the fact that the Sephirii were created to be protectors and consorts of the source gods.

One of the Mimoroux, the top of the Sephirii charged with protecting the gods and man, Jared was their leader. He’s also the one who betrayed his brethren to the Malachai and watched as they were all slaughtered. Some say the guilt of that event has driven him mad.

Only Jared knows the truth.

Maybe one day we’ll actually know something more about him… maybe.

The one thing he can’t do is kill a source god, unless that god turns against the source.