Demonspawn/daeva demon

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity... and I'm not so sure about the universe.


Demonspawn and cold to the core of his being, Caleb isn’t exactly thrilled to be Nick’s guardian. He was a commander of legions until a bitter betrayal enslaved him to the Malachai.

He hates the Malachai, and all he really wants is his freedom.

Though he is classified as a daeva (mid level) demon, his powers are a lot greater than the others of his kind. His real skin tone is red.

From Infamous:

With a bright flash, the crow became Caleb in his full demon form. The black armor he wore appeared to bleed from every crevice. Rivulets of red ran all over the metal and dripped silently to the floor. With long orange hair, he had yellow eyes like a serpent.

If that didn’t clash enough, his skin was as red as the ooze on his armor. His black, leather-like wings expanded and twitched as if daring Thorn to attack him.