Regis Katagaria Ursulan

You can take my life, but you’ll never break me. So bring me your worse… And I will definitely give you mine.


Mama Lo is a surrogate mother to a lot of the beasts who call Sanctuary home, but she’s also a bear and will not hesitate to do whatever she must to protect her den. Her children are her world and woe to anyone who threatens them.


She set up Sanctuary after two of her sons were killed by Arcadians. Gilbert and Bastien. She has an altar set up in Peltier House so that she can always pay tribute to them.

The Peltiers Are:

Papa Bear (Aubert)
Mama Lo (Nicolette)

Listed in birth order:

Cherif (Identical Quad/eldest)
Dev (Identical Quad)
Remi (Identical Quad)
Quinn (Identical Quad/youngest)
Griffe (Serre’s identical twin)
Serre (Griffe’s identical twin)
Cody (Kyle’s fraternal twin)
Kyle (Cody’s fraternal twin)