Greek Dark-Hunter

Spoils to the Victor.

Born prince and heir to Thrace, Kyrian was disinherited when he married an ex-prostitute against his father’s wishes.

As a legendary Macedonian general, he cut a trail of slaughter through the Mediterranean during the 4th Macedonian War. Chroniclers wrote that he would break the Roman stranglehold on the known world and claim Rome for his own.

He would have succeeded had he not been betrayed by his wife into the hands of his enemies. He was tortured for weeks and then executed by Valerius’s grandfather.

His powers are: mind-reading, accurately judging people/personalities, summoning gods, mind control, heightened hearing, and as with all DH< he can sense the sun setting, and feel unborn souls.

From Kyrian's Blog

October 05, 2021


I can't believe that I've actually fathered a worse driver than Julian . . . Or Nick. I didn't think it was possible, but damn. That's what I get for stupidly naming my kid after my Squire. If only I could go back in...

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