Nick’s Grimoire

Book of the Malachai

Always speak truth, but never with clarity.

Ambrose handed him an old leather bound book that was just a hair larger than a thin paperback novel.

Nick opened it, then frowned as he saw nothing but blank pages. “What is this? A journal?”

“Your grimoire. As you unlock your powers, incantations will appear that will allow you to further hone your skills. Pages will be added.”

“Isn’t that backwards? Shouldn’t I have instructions first?”

Ambrose shook his head. “It doesn’t work that way.” He indicated Nick’s pocket. “You still have the dagger I gave you?”


“Pull it out and place it on the first page.”

Nick set the book on the dresser since he only had the one arm. He pulled out the dagger and did what Ambrose said. The moment he did, a peculiar script wrote itself across the page in bloodred ink. He started to ask Ambrose what it said, but as he looked at it, he understood.

How could that be?

The veil is thin and so you see.
What lies beneath the surface tree.
In this regard they’ ll never fool.
But still be wary of becoming their tool.

Ambrose took the dagger from his hand and used it to prick his fingertip.

Nick cursed. “What are you doing?”

Ambrose didn’t answer. Instead he let three drops of blood splash on the page. “Dredanya eire coulet,” he whispered as they fell. Then the blood droplets rushed in a circle before they exploded and added more words
to the page.

To night the moon rises full.
And you will feel evil’s pull.
Stand strong and fight them to the end.
Only by remaining faithful will you win.

Ambrose handed him the dagger back. “Any time you want advice or instruction, you can use that spell. In time, you’ll be able to use it to find prophecy and foretell the future.”