Head god of the Atlantean pantheon

Anger is one letter short of danger.

The son of Chaos (the formless matter that birthed the universe) and Fegkia (Splendor), Archon was born to be the ruler of the Atlantean pantheon. He established order out of the universe his father had created.

It is said that Fysia spun strands of Archon’s hair to form Atlantis and that she used her blood to fertilize the earth and to create the blood-red Fysian Lilies that could only thrive on Atlantean soil. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the continent his sister had created, Archon wept and as his tears fell, the race of the Atlanteans sprang up.

Like his wife Apollymi, he held many epitaphs: Kosmetas (Orderer), Soter (Savior), and Theokos (the Divine One). He was a god of extreme patience and kindness. The exact opposite of his wife, he was said to be the balance that she needed so that the order of the universe could be adequately maintained.

He adored his wife and unlike the other gods, was never faithless to her (at least that was his PR- the truth is very different). He watched over his children and people with benediction and care. And when Zeus banished the Apollite race to Atlantis, Archon welcomed them in, thereby causing perpetual strife between the Atlantean gods and the Greek.

However, his wrath, when evoked, could be every bit as ruthless as that of Apollymi. When the Deridians attacked Atlantis and sacked Kanosis (the capitol city of Atlantis), he struck their country with his mighty thorn-hammer and destroyed every man, woman and child who bore their blood.

Though he perished with the rest of the Atlantean gods, there are those who say that Apostolos, if ever found, holds the ability to raise his father from the dead and to return Archon to his throne.