I love humanity. It's people I can't stand.

Lethal and mysterious, Varyk refuses to talk about his past. Bound to two masters, he doesn’t bend well to his leashes. However, he is all about taking care of business. Just make sure his business isn’t getting rid of you.

Varyk stood there in all his feral glory. Tall, ruthless and pissed, Varyk had shoulder length brown hair and eyes that were so blue they were piercing and glacial. A derisive smirk was permanently chiseled on his handsome face. And his tough stance always said he was looking for someone to gut.

Stone swallowed as a chill went down his spine. Varyk was only marginally sane…

And that was on his best day.

By the angry glower on Varyk’s face, this wasn’t one of those better days.

What the hell was his father thinking by sending him here?

Personally, Stone would rather stay in his cage than spend even a second in this man’s presence. “Where’s my father?”

Varyk growled low in his throat. “You don’t speak, boy. Maybe never again.” He grabbed him roughly by the neck and shoved him at the door. He turned back toward Dev. “Where’s the one who attacked him? I was to escort him back as well.”