Slug Demon

Do unto others and run like hell.


Nim is one of the rarest of beings. Half Charonte, half Leimaxion, he attached himself to Jared after Jared saved his life. Quick and deadly to the extreme, Nim is also extremely shy and withdrawn. There are those who say he was once enslaved and severely abused by his owner. Others say it was other demons who used him to bait their enemies and refused to help him until he was on the brink of death. Whatever the truth, he prefers to avoid all demonikyn and stays with Jared even though Jared keeps trying to set him free.

He’s amorphous and can have any appearance he wants. Because he’s only half Charonte, his demon form isn’t completely colored like a Charonte would be. He has flesh tone mixed with his color. But he likes to dress as either cybergoth or steampunk.