Egyptian god of Chaos, storms, foreigners and darkness

Common sense should be referred to as the 'sense formerly known as common.'

Set is a god of mystery and many contradictions. The only thing that is agreed upon is that you don’t want to deal with him unless you have to. He’s best left out in the desert, alone.

Known to rip off the body parts of other gods, he can also be highly protective of them. Most Egyptian myths claim he is childless and incapable of procreation, but other myth tales list him as the father of Anubis and/or Thoth. His wife is usually listed as Nyphthys, but he is also linked with Anat, Astarte and Tawaret.

In the realm of the Dark-Hunters, he still holds his mystery and has a very interesting past. He is also the father of Bathymaas and Seth, and once threatened to tear down the entire Atlantean pantheon. Archon is not his pal. He’s also no friend of Apollo’s, but has been a known ally of both Apollymi and Menyara.