Why be difficult when with a bit of effort you can be impossible?


The illegitimate son of the Egyptian god Set and a human, Seth was taken out to the desert by his mother and left there to die. She’d tried to give him to his father, but Set had refused, saying Seth was too weak and puny to keep. More than that, Set seriously resented Seth’s mother naming such a pathetic creature after him.

But fate wasn’t through with him. He was found by a pack of Were-Hunter jackals who took him in as one of their own. For a very brief time, he was happy.

Until they sold him into slavery. From the moment Noir saw him, he knew the potential inside Seth. All he had to do was torture the humanity out of him. Now Seth has no feeling for anyone. He is cold and filled with bitter hatred for everyone and everything. Even the demons quake in terror at his approach.

Under Noir’s orders, he’s on a quest and won’t be stopped. Not until the Olympians bow down in defeat to Noir and Azura.

Seth wears war paint to cover his looks and to purposefully intimidate the demons in Azmodea. There’s another reason he wears it, but that’s in the book. His eyes are painted the way he wore them in Egypt.