You never know who's on my menu-- it depends on who got in my way that day. Any chance you want to be desert?

At one time a knight of the Round Table, Garafyn learned of Mordred’s coming treachery. He set out with his army to stop him only to be ambushed Mordred’s fey kin. Angry over the attack against her son, Morgen cursed all the members of his army into becoming unsightly gargoyles. But unknown to her, Garafyn had a fey lover who was unhappy with his hideous state since she really did have feelings for him and she wanted to be able to continue her relationship with the handsome knight and not the twisted gargoyle.

She mitigated the curse by enabling Garafyn and his army to appear human underneath the light of a full moon. Morgen killed her for the audacity and now they are all trapped in this hellish curse. As further punishment, Morgen sent out word to Arthur that Garafyn and his troops had betrayed the king. Now they are hated by the very people they sought to protect.