Thorn's Nightmare

Personally, I love cowards . . . they taste like chicken.

Abandoned just hours after his birth, Cade grew up as an orphan in a small cloistered monastery in Powys, Wales, at a time when his people were embroiled in a bitter and ongoing war with neighboring Mercians for their borders.

As a young teen, the oblate was drafted into the war when the king’s army invaded his monastery. Thrust into battle with no training, he quickly learned that he had an unholy gift for war. Embraced by the king, but mocked by his court, Cade kept to himself until the day his brother, Thorn, appeared and offered him a new cause to fight for. Humanity.

Cadegan quickly learned who and what he really was . . .

Why he was such an effective killer on the battlefield.

But happiness wasn’t meant for him. Betrayed by the only one he’d ever trusted–   his own brother, Cade was locked in the world behind the veil, a world without color, where he’s had to battle even worse demons than those he fought by Thorn’s side. The only thing that has kept him remotely sane is his desire to escape his hell and shove his payback down Thorn’s throat.