Apollymi’s Mirror

Atlantean god

For now, we see through a glass, darkly . . .

In the middle of the Atlantean hell realm, Kalosis, lurks the palace of Apollymi where she holds court and keeps company with her Charonte and Damimon armies. Trapped in her alternate dimension so long as her son lives, she can still exact her vengeance on the human realm and wage war against the Olympians through her army of Daimons by unleashing them through the laminas (portals) she controls.

But war is not what she truly wants. She would give it all up to have her son by her side. Unfortunately, an ancient curse placed upon her by her own pantheon forever prevents that. The only way for her to keep an eye on him and to watch the activities of her army while they are in the human realm (Oecumene) is through her mirror: the black gazing pool that is located in the center of her garden courtyard. Her black, mirrored pond is her window to the other side. Through it, she commands her Spathi and can still influence events in the world of mankind, even while she’s imprisoned.