Regis Katagarian Panthiras

The betrayee gets to eat the betrayer.

Dante is the eldest of an eight Katagaria litter. He has a wicked sense of humor, and as both a panther and man is an extremely laid back, but lethal creature. He has no desire to mate since he has seen the horror that has become one of his litter mates. Instead, he runs his popular Goth club, Dante’s Inferno where he follows his own set of rules. Be warned, this isn’t Sanctuary and Dante will kill anyone who threatens his people.

He has his own creed and code of behavior, Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters and gods be damned. He holds no fear of anything except a female panther on the prowl for a mate. That alone will send him fleeing. He values money, expensive cars and fast women–not necessarily in that order.