Winter Born

Entire Dark-Hunters®/Hunter Legends Series, Were-Hunters®

Original Publication Date: February 01, 1992

Setting: Atlanta, GA/DragonCon

Winter Born originally appeared in an anthology in 2003. It is now published in the anthology DARK BITES and is available as a standalone ebook.

Were-Hunter, Dante Pontis has come to Atlanta with his annoying younger brothers to scope out bands for his club at one of the largest SF conventions in the country. While trying to keep the younger shape-shifters out of trouble, the last thing he ever expects to find is a pantherswan from the future on the run from her enemies.

All Pandora wants is to be left alone and to escape a death sentence that’s been leveled against her, but when she comes face to face with Dante, she learns that sometimes the best heroes can come from the least likely of places …


The title is taken (with permission) from one of her favorite songs by the band the Cruxshadows who plays at DragonCon every year. Their lead singer Rogue is even mentioned in the story. Sherri added the band to the story when she rewrote the original story from a short story she’d published years before.



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The hero

Dante is the eldest of an eight Katagaria litter. He has a wicked sense of humor, and as both a panther and man is an extremely laid back, but lethal creature. He has no desire to mate since he has seen the horror that has become one of his litter mates. Instead, he runs his popular Goth club, Dante's Inferno where he follows his own set of rules. Be warned, this isn't Sanctuary and Dante will kill anyone who threatens his people. He has his...
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The heroine

Deadly, and fiercely determined to help her sister, Sefia, Pandora is no one's pawn. She knows exactly what she wants, but when she finds herself at DragonCon--the largest fan run SF convention in the world, she's beyond her normal experience. That's when things get interesting...
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