Olympian God

All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.


The messenger of the gods, he’s the one who carries their notes to each other and who ushers the dead into the Underworld. He’s also the one who saved the Greek pantheon when Apollymi was released and bent on total destruction.

His additional duties are god of: diplomacy, travel, persuasion, thieves, animal husbandry, roads, hospitality, heralds, languages, writing, cunning, athletic games, gymnasiums, astronomy, and astrology.

He was also a fertile turtle and fathered a number of children.

With other gods:
Angelia (goddess of messages), Eleusis, several of the Dryades, Palaistra (goddess of wrestling), Pan (god of shepherds), the Panes Agreus and Nomios, and the Satyroi Pherespondos, Lykos and Pronomos.

With humans:
Abderos, Aithalides, Arabos, Autolykos, Bounos, Daphnis, Ekhion,
Eleusis, Euandros, Eudoros, Eurestos, Eurytos, Kaikos, Kephalos,
Keryx, Kydon, Libys, Myrtilos, Norax, Orion, Pharis, Phaunos, Polybos, and Saon