Greek god of love and sexual desire

Love conquers all cause I kick major @$$.

I’m the son of Ares and Aphrodite which means I can break bad on your ass at the drop of a hat. When they tell you love hurts, trust me, they’re not kidding. I’m a lover and a fighter. But since I met my wife Psyche, I’m much more mellow than I used to be. She keeps me straight most of the time.

I like to hang with the immortal crowd and find the bears and Dark-Hunters are much more entertaining than the stodgy gods on Olympus – talk about egos and attitudes. The gods can be a major PITA and I get tired of the one-upmanship. It’s why I send pornadoes to their computers whenever they’re online. You gotta do something to kill time.

I also like to taste the mortal realm and remember why it is we tolerate humans. They’re not so bad once you get used to them and when hanging with humans, it’s good to be a god. When you hang with gods, you’re nothing special.

My favorite place to plant my feet is New Orleans. Not only are the bears there, but my fave kid brother lives there with his wife and kids (his kids call us Uncle Eerie and Auntie Psycho, which I think’s hysterical– Psyche not so much). Those little ones are a riot and I have to say it amuses me to watch Mr. “Cool, Calm and Collected” lose his mind while trying to run herd on them. When doing childcare, again, it’s good to be a god.

Have a cool Eros Day (and don’t put me in a diaper. I really hate that).