Egyptian God of War

May Ra be between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk.


Born in Memphis to the goddess Bastet, Maahes spent most of his childhood with his aunt Ma’at who gave him a vicious sense of honor, and a stern sense of right and wrong. Once he was an adult, she chose him to be the protector of innocents and to serve as her bulldog. Anytime someone broke divine law or unjustly transgressed against family, he was sent in to punish them.

Right before Artemis went to war with his mother, Apollo tricked him into an imprisonment that lasted for a thousand years. When he emerged from captivity, it was to discover that the world he’d known was gone.   His pantheon had been replaced by the Greeks and his aunt, Ma’at, was one of the few survivors. What saddened him most was how many people confused his aunt with his mother.

Since then, he has dreamed of a time and place when he can exact revenge on both Artemis and Apollo for what they did to his family.