Seraph / Necrodemian

Don't ask me what I do. You wouldn't believe me, and it's impossible to fight demons in a straightjacket.

A former claims investigator, Zeke never dreamed of the world he was going to be sucked into. Now he’s one of the baddest of the bad and answers to a much higher authority (and the Ravenna’s chagrin, it isn’t her). Some days, he even listens to them. He’s classified as a Seraph (the difference between Seraph and Arel is that Seraphim are born from a specific bloodline, Arelim aren’t). He is classified as a Necrodemian (demon executioner), which means he can kill demons without consequence so long as he follows certain protocols.

From Zeke's Blog

December 21, 2013

Busted Chops for Christmas

One day, I shall learn to kill Ravenna. But hey, can't really blame her. I was the idiot who asked her to take a pic of me for my mom who was complaining that she had no recent photos. Since I knew Mom would flash it to every...

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