Where Angels Fear To Tread

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Original Publication Date: February 02, 1992

Where Angels Fear to Tread was originally published on Sherri’s site and then in an anthology for the Horror Writer’s of America. It is now available in Sherri’s Dark Bites anthology collection and as a comic book. It’s the first chapter of the Hellchasers and Hell-Hunters.

See how Zeke got his powers and meet a Seraph…

It’s currently one of the stories in the DARK BITES anthology.


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The hero

A former claims investigator, Zeke never dreamed of the world he was going to be sucked into. Now he's one of the baddest of the bad and answers to a much higher authority (and the Ravenna's chagrin, it isn't her). Some days, he even listens to them. He's classified as a Seraph (the difference between Seraph and Arel is that Seraphim are born from a specific bloodline, Arelim aren't). He is classified as a Necrodemian (demon executioner), which...
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