"I'm not dead yet!"

Okay, Sherri’s not really a character, but then she kind of is. Those who’ve met her know that she can be downright entertaining and a whole lot of fun. But don’t ever ask her for directions. She’s too ADD, dyslexic and Southern for that. You’ll be there all day and still not know where you’re going. But she will make you look forward to taking that trip to Utter Confusion.

For those wanting more info about the lady behind the books, look up at the Author part of the menu and hover your cursor to see all the places where you can go for more info, or visit the Press Room at the very, very top. And of course, you can check out her blog entries on the front page and here.

And if you still have questions or comments, don’t forget to use the LEAVE A NOTE and Sherri, HERSELF, will respond to the questions you leave. We, her staff, answer all the others...

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From (A)SK Sherrilyn's Blog

February 01, 2015

A Writer’s Life

Made this up for my son, the wannabe writer, as a motivational reminder to let him know that he's not alone in the misery....

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Hear it from the Fans

An observation on cats and books. The real reason why cats insist on sleeping on papers, preferably those with writing on them, is that they are incubating said papers. And when the papers hatch, you get books. This is why people with cats have many books and vice versa. The only problem is when the cat tries to lie on the paper as you're writing on it. Or the keyboard ...

Andy, August 27, 2016

Will there ever be a League coloring book or managa?

RayLynn, August 24, 2016

    They are in the coloring books that have already been published.

    Carl, MB Staff, September 2, 2016

I love the designs of your tarot cards. I was wondering if they are going to be available to buy any time soon.

Anne, August 23, 2016

    They are working on them, but it takes a bit to design a full deck.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 24, 2016

I absolutely adore your writing and have been telling everyone I meet that they need to pick up your books and read them. They have gotten me through my first year of my masters program and I am sure will continue to get me through another few years. I love the way that your describe characters differently due to the different perceptions that people have and that you let your characters show their different perspectives of the same event. I strive to live my life by not judging others and understand where they are coming from - even though at times it is hard. I have never read a book - until yours - that has done this. It makes me so very happy. Personal question (feel free not to answer): I read in your bio that you said you were dyslexic. Are you actually dyslexic? I am a special education teacher and working on my masters in Autism Spectrum Disorders and currently one of my students is struggling with dyslexia. I am trying to build up her confidence that can be so easily shattered and if you are - even if you aren't since we all have different hurdles to jump - I am blown away by your achievements.

Nicole Green, August 22, 2016

    Sherri doesn't joke about dyslexia as it's not a joke. She has a severe form of it and mirror writes. She even speaks backwards at times. It is a constant struggle and frustration for her.

    Carl, MB Staff, August 24, 2016

I just wanted to say that your books give hope to those of us who have suffered tragedy... in every story you tell, there is an innate sense of wisdom. is there a special person that inspired you to never give up hope? again i find your books amazing and i always say, 'Kenyon has something for everyone in her books' ... you are one author i highly recommend to people who want to read a book that not only lets a person escape for a while but also could use the uplifting spirit and soulfulness that makes ya think 'everyone has had it bad at some point, but the future is what we make of it' so i hope to continue to read your books for a long time ...

Heather, August 15, 2016

Hello Sherrilyn! I love your books and the immersive Dark-Hunter universe you have created. Besides, I find your messages about anti-bullying and self-improvement very moving and important. So, I would like to know if you have ever thought of creating a homosexual couple as main characters of one of your books? I think it would be really nice and encouraging for the millions of fans you have worldwide: the importance of accepting who you are and that all kind of people deserve to be loved. Thank you!

Rossie, June 22, 2016

I adore everything about your stories. I've been reading this series for years and every time something bad happens I just open one of your books and instantly forget my own problems. The way you weave hundreds of characters together and create twists and turns throughout the countless books in each of your series is incredible. Thank you so much for pushing through and publishing! Without your stories I'm sure that the world would be a much darker place.

Kirsten, June 20, 2016