"I'm not dead yet!"

Okay, Sherri’s not really a character, but then she kind of is. Those who’ve met her know that she can be downright entertaining and a whole lot of fun. But don’t ever ask her for directions. She’s too ADD, dyslexic and Southern for that. You’ll be there all day and still not know where you’re going. But she will make you look forward to taking that trip to Utter Confusion.

For those wanting more info about the lady behind the books, look up at the Author part of the menu and hover your cursor to see all the places where you can go for more info, or visit the Press Room at the very, very top. And of course, you can check out her blog entries on the front page and here.

And if you still have questions or comments, don’t forget to use the LEAVE A NOTE and Sherri, HERSELF, will respond to the questions you leave. We, her staff, answer all the others...

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From (A)SK Sherrilyn's Blog

February 01, 2015

A Writer’s Life

Made this up for my son, the wannabe writer, as a motivational reminder to let him know that he's not alone in the misery....

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Hear it from the Fans

Can you write a book for Alex Peltier? And also one for Brynna? Would love to know more about their story

Unknown, April 16, 2015

So you've said that some of the women have had lives just as harsh as the men. I've read all the League books and Dark Hunter books, I haven't read the spin offs yet; but I haven't seen any of the women having really bad tortured lives. Could it be because they weren't the main character and I never got to hear their whole story? Or I missed something?

Kyra, April 15, 2015

    Definitely think you're missing something (SPOILER WARNING TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T READ THE BOOKS): Kiara: Kidnapped and shot as a very small child, terrified to this day to be in the dark. Her mother brutally murdered in front of her. Shot again on her 16th birthday, and shot again while pregnant. Kidnapped, and almost raped when she's saved by the hero. Kidnapped yet again and witness to another horrible murder (aside from several other assassinations and attempted assassinations). That's pretty horrific given that she's not even thirty at the time BOTN starts. Shahara: Brutally attacked by someone she trusted. Orphaned at age 16 and forced to drop out of school to raise her siblings in bitter, biting poverty in a universe where everyone is out to use and abuse her. She's a bounty hunter where she goes after some of the slimiest felons in the universe who attack her and shoot her a lot. She's hard as nails because she had to be to survive. Her sister is in and out of hospitals because of gambling debts and the loan sharks who keep trying to kill her. Alix: Born a slave who was beaten and treated horribly by everyone, especially her own father. Forced to commit a crime and spy on Devyn or have her family slaughtered. Has scars all over her body. Desideria: Raised by a military culture where she saw almost all her sisters die in front of her, under brutal circumstances. One died in her arms. She's been beaten for very small infractions and had to endure hostile conditions as part of her training. Her father was killed and publicly disgraced when he went after her brother who has been missing since childhood. She adored her father but was never allowed to even speak his name. She's framed for murder and hunted by everyone. Zarya: Her entire family was stripped of everything and she was forced to be raised as an outlaw. Her father was arrested, her mother and sister brutally executed when they went to ask their supposed friend for his release. Every single member of her family has been slaughtered, except her sister Sorche. Her father was slaughtered by his best friend on her birthday while she and her sister waited for him to come and remove them from the horror of their existence. She's so traumatized, Darling has to create a new birthday for her to celebrate. She's sold into slavery and then captured and tortured by The League. Sumi: Abused so badly by the father of her child that she ultimately kills him and is sentenced to becoming a League assassin. Her father hated her. Her sister wasn't kind. Her mother abandoned the family. She's never known kindness. The only man she ever trusted, broke her sister's heart and caused her sister to kill herself. I can go on, but the point is, the women have it just as bad. Their stories are in the books side-by-side with the men. Apollymi, Artemis, Tabitha, Danger, Samia, Kateri, Abigail, Nekoda, Bethany, Cherise, Aimee, Nicolette, etc. They've all had really harsh backgrounds, too. Some, such as Bride and Sunshine, haven't, and that's true of the guys, too. Some of them didn't have a bad childhood or past. Each character is unique. But tragedy and injustice hits everyone at some point.

    MB_Staff, April 16, 2015

I was wondering if Brynna Addams was in any DH books other than CON? I love her character and also is Alex Peltier in any books? Big fan of all of your books

Madeline, April 11, 2015

    Alex hasn't appeared in any DH book. Brynna is mentioned in a few and her family appears in Dark Side of the Moon, including her little brother.

    MB_Staff, April 13, 2015

Hello Sherrilyn. Love the books and Charonte have officially become my favorite demons ever. So my question is this, ever considered trying to turn Dark-Hunters into a video game? Particularly something like an MMO? With the rich world you've developed and even some nerdy things mentioned as well, it just seems so perfect to do.

Donovon, April 8, 2015

I love your books! Your imagination is amazing, and I wish I could live in your worlds! lol I just finished Instinct about 5 minutes ago, and although I have several questions, I just have one I need to know the answer too: Will we be seeing Zavid again???

Vinita, April 7, 2015

Will there be books about Chi and Takeshi? Will there be books about the Dogs of War as a whole, not just one character?

gu_gu_ca_chu, April 5, 2015


    MB_Staff, April 6, 2015

For one i love your books! Fan to the end of time, but I've always wondered if Simi would have her own book

Katrina, April 3, 2015

I want to ask about a books playlist. What does it signify? Does it mean anything special regarding the book, or was it just your jam as you wrote the book?

Kyra, April 2, 2015

    It's both. Sometimes it's important to the book and sometimes it's what Sherri listened to as she wrote it.

    MB_Staff, April 2, 2015

Will you ever write a Dark Hunter Novel about a woman who has suffered just as much torture and emotional abuse as someone like Zarek or even more so? I ask this because as a woman, I'm curious about seeing a female mindset on dealing with the same issues I've seen all your male characters deal with. I want to know what kind of strength the female draws from when according to natural biology for the most part she isn't as physically strong as men, and for the most part has a lower pain threshold than men according to a study that was done. So while I'd much rather have a book on Jaden, Savitar, or Jared; I'm also curious if there's a possibility of getting insight into a female character who deals with what I've mentioned above.

Kyra, March 28, 2015

    Sherri has written a large number of them. Her females have life experiences, too. Some as harsh, if not harsher, than the men. Some lighter. Same for the men. Not all her men have it bad. Not all the women have it bad. It depends on the character. But the women are warriors, too, and have been betrayed, and dealt with some pretty nasty situations and pasts, just like the guys. As Sherri says, injustice and heartbreak respects and takes mercy on no one.

    MB_Staff, April 6, 2015