A BAD eBook Collection

BAD Agency™

Original Publication Date: July 26, 2010


The last three books of the BAD Agency bound into one electronic collection. Phantom in the Night, Whispered Lies, Silent Truth and an excerpt from Alterant .



The hero

  Nathan Drake has spent his life protecting his family, the only thing that mattered to him before the most feared drug lord in the southeast took all he held dear. Now, he's a man on a mission with nothing to lose...until meeting Terri Mitchell. Seeking a similar goal by different means, Terri and Nathan are drawn deep into an evil underbelly the cuts through all levels of society and rivals terrorism as a new threat to the world.
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The heroine

  Terri Mitchell dedicated her life to justice after losing her mother to a vigilante killer, but she left the DEA under a cloud of suspicion that won't clear without finding who set her up. While working covertly for the Bureau of American Defense (BAD) agency, she's consulting with the New Orleans Police Department to bust an organized crime ring suspected of funding terrorism when rumors surface of a phantom ghost terrorizing ...
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