The Scotsman

Brotherhood Of The Sword™, Brotherhood™, The MacAllisters™

Original Publication Date: August 26, 2003

Setting: Medieval Scotland

No one can tell the hot-blooded Scottish lass whom to marry. But the much-feared man Nora runs to for protection may be more perilous to her heart than any unwanted groom…

And much more difficult to tame.



The hero

  Ewan always stood in the shadows of his brothers. So when the most beautiful of women leaves his brother to run away with him, he thinks his time to shine has finally come. Unfortunately, she was only using him as she'd used his brother before him. All she wanted was to get to England so that she could leave him for the man she really loved. And because of Ewan's actions, his brother is believed dead- killed by his own...
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The heroine

  A determined woman who will not have her future dictated to her. Nora seizes her destiny and decides to run for it. But the man she wants to hire to protect her only wants to take her home. Let's see who wins.
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