Fool me once... shame on you. Fool me twice... you die.


The bastard son of a French nobleman and English lady, Simon spent half his childhood in England and the other half in France. While in France, he was sent to foster with Rene du Lac where he and Stryder became foster brothers.

It was during their service to Rene that they ended up in the Holy Land where they were taken together and held.

Simon is good-natured and seems innocuous and non-threatening, but is, in fact, very lethal. It was his seemingly harmless demeanor that allowed him to thwart the enemy and gain important information. He was able to ferret out all sorts of details regarding the prison and our guards that enabled us to escape.

He was also the one who ran interference with the guards while the other members of our band were occupied by doing covert operations that would have gotten them killed had they been caught.

Simon seldom speaks of his past and never dwells on it. Because of his Brotherhood ties, he has sworn to never marry and prefers to remain unfettered so that he can travel about and aid our brethren.

The Quinfortis are the five men to whom we owe everything. They pulled together and got us out alive and once we were free, they set up a network to help others escape and readjust to the world that had forgotten them.

Without their strength, their courage and most of all their heart none of us would be here today. We honor and pay tribute to them even though many of us don’t even know their real names.

They are:

The Wraith
The Widowmaker
The Scot
The Abbot
El Sahhaar (The Sorcerer)