Where’s My Hero?

Brotherhood Of The Sword™, Brotherhood™

Original Publication Date: August 01, 2003

Setting: Medieval England

Simon of Montfort is in love. The only problem is the woman he loves believes him to be another who writes to her. A knight he can never hope to be. And since that man is his best friend, he can’t bring himself to hurt either one.



The hero

  The bastard son of a French nobleman and English lady, Simon spent half his childhood in England and the other half in France. While in France, he was sent to foster with Rene du Lac where he and Stryder became foster brothers. It was during their service to Rene that they ended up in the Holy Land where they were taken together and held. Simon is good-natured and seems innocuous and non-threatening, but is, in fact, very lethal....
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The heroine

  A lady in love with an ideal, Kenna believes her letters are being returned by Stryder of Blackmoor. What she never dreams is that the knight she's really speaking to is the one who will always make her laugh.
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