Strike hard, strike fast and be the last one standing.

Named The Widowmaker for his willingness to do whatever he had to for his brethren, Stryder of Blackmoor was the right arm of the Brotherhood. He was the muscle and the backbone that never yielded and never broke no matter what they put him through.

Now, years later, he is an earl in England and a duc in France. Never one to settle anywhere for long, he is oft found on the tourney fields of the continent where he’s made such a name for himself that he is greeted with fanfare and acclaim everywhere he goes. He is the man to beat, though none have ever had that honor.

He travels with his half-brother Christopher, and trusts no one at his back except for the other Quinfortis members.

A rogue and lady’s man, he has sworn to never let any woman claim his heart though all women who see him seek to bring him to altar.

He is the leader of the Quinfortis.

The Quinfortis are the five men to whom we owe everything. They pulled together and got us out alive and once we were free, they set up a network to help others escape and readjust to the world that had forgotten them.

Without their strength, their courage and most of all their heart none of us would be here today. We honor and pay tribute to them even though many of us don’t even know their real names.

They are:

The Wraith
The Widowmaker
The Scot
The Abbot
El Sahhaar (The Sorcerer)